Abbotsford Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer

Don’t wait, if you think you have a symptom, get it checked out

Oral Cancer can manifest in the form of a small lump or lesion (either pale or dark in colour) in or around the mouth, but is treatable if found in its early stages.

Symptoms can also include white or red patches around the mouth, pain, paresthesia (if left untreated), mouth sores and problems swallowing.

Visual and In-depth Screening

A visual screening will give your dentist an idea if there is a problem. It is part of an oral hygiene visit, and you will be thoroughly checked for lumps and lesions that could indicate a problem. If a problem is detected a more in-depth screening, or possibly a biopsy, will be scheduled.


A biopsy is procedure used to detect oral cancer. It involves removing a small amount of tissue from the affected area and analyzing it to determine if oral cancer is a possibility.

If you notice any of these symptoms, contact our office to schedule an appointment.

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