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Even with a regular dental routine of brushing, flossing and regular cleanings, dental decay is still a common problem that can lead to more serious problems if left untreated. Advances in modern dentistry allow us to restore your teeth with tooth-coloured resins and ceramics.


A filling is a plastic metallic compound that is inserted in the tooth after a cavity has formed. Cavities form when there’s a build-up of plaque and tartar around a tooth causing the enamel to dissolve. To stop other problems from happening, your dentist will remove the cavity by cleaning the area and filling it.

Filling Tooth Decay Filling


Crowns are used when the decay is extensive or sometimes if the tooth was previously treated with a root canal. Crowns provide strength by capping the tooth, while improving the overall appearance.

Crown Tooth Decay Crown


Inlays are used instead of regular fillings when the cavity is too large. It is fitted into the cavity area of the tooth to help strengthen it.


Similar to an Inlay, an Onlay used to cover more than one cusp when it is damaged and needs to be replaced. They are often referred to as ‘partial crowns'.


A bridge is a replacement for missing teeth. Your dentist will reduce the size of the adjacent teeth, which act as supports. There is a limit to the length that teeth can be bridged, as there needs to be a tooth to act as a support at each end for the procedure to be successful.

Bridge Missing Tooth Bridge

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